Data security, new regulatory requirements, environmental constraints… These are amongst the challenges currently facing the smart medical instrumentation industry. In Your Hands sheds some lights on the main issues and how to tackle them.

How can data drive continuous improvement?

Orthopedic medical devices account for 7.5% of the global medical devices market and is expected to grow owing to a globally increasing patient pool…

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How to predict the future of the healthcare industry without relying on a crystal ball?

SMADE, a solution for cost optimizationWith the healthcare digital transformation comes the proliferation of connected devices and software…

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How did the pandemic trigger changes in healthcare and impact the medical devices market?

“May 2022 bring you and your beloved ones health and happiness” are not just idle talks this year. In fact, with almost 400 millions confirmed COVID…

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Why is data quality becoming a hot topic for the medical devices industry?

In the world of healthcare, the potential of data is undisputed. With the deployment of the IoMT, medical devices can now collect data and make self…

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How can smart asset tracking improve environmental sustainability?

Asset tracking has become an essential part of inventory management. Asset tracking enables all actors involved from medical devices manufacturers to…

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Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements :  turning regulatory constraints into business opportunities

According to the new EU medical devices regulation, all medical devices must carry a “unique device identifier” – a unique alphanumeric code,…

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