We are the SMADERS


A SMADER is… a smart adventurer, innovative, full of energy, limitless, crazy, connected, smooth, insane, engaged, a digital transformer, a forward-thinker, a maker, an inventor, UX-focused, a passionate pioneer, impactful, responsible, creative…

Driven by our values


To be free and responsible
is to be able to express oneself, act, and take initiatives with conviction, without limits or constraints, in the interest of the collective project and our common goals.

#entrepreneurship #demand
#resilience #impact


To be simple and sophisticated
is to think about each of our projects in the smallest details, to focus on the essentials in terms of quality, subtlety, and humility in a constant quest for facilitation and efficiency.

#frugality #sustainability
#quality #accessibility


To be bold and pragmatic
is to challenge the status quo with courage, determination, and ingenuity to deliver concrete, realistic, and achievable solutions.

#energy #evolution
#vision #inspiration


To be autonomous and
collaborative is to organize oneself independently, putting individual intelligence at the service of collective intelligence to achieve the objectives of the common project.

#openness #sharing
#initiative #communication


As explorers, we believe it is essential to think outside the box to reinvent what’s Inside it.

For us, if its not fun, then its not worth doing. We love what we do and we do what we love. Play is work and work is play.


The future is bright and it is within reach. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities.

Limitless ambitious

In the healthcare industry, ambition rhymes with precision. We put in the hours with the aim of bettering patient experiences.


Open-minded, open-hearted and open-spirited, we promote inclusiveness and encourage new ways of thinking, designing, doing… and sometime undoing.

Sharing a common culture

Innovation is our culture, our mindset.Actually its right in there, in our DNA.We are and always have been explorers paving the way for an entire industry.Being one step ahead is both what drives us and what steers us!

Infused with freedom

Sustained Success starts with Responsible People. And Responsible People thrive on freedom.

Our aim is to attract and nurture the best talents by trusting them and giving them the freedom to grow and innovate when and how they wish. Because after all, freedom drives the best results.

A caring and collaborative spirit

More than a bunch of mad adventurers, we are a team that looks after one another.We recognize the value in creating a caring and inclusive work environment that encourages open collaboration and all-round wellbeing.

A flexible way of working

We work from anywhere, at anytime.Because we know that embracing a flexible work structure is what drives the best results.

An insatiable will to grow our talent

We believe that getting the best out of our team members starts with nurturing their talent.That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure they are constantly helping each other grow through internet training and mentoring workshops.

A good work-life balance

We know that today, achieving the perfect work-life balance is crucial to keeping team members onboard and motivated.As such, we make sure that our 'work family' are able to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Place we call home

Every pioneering adventure needs a forward-looking environment to evolve in.That’s why we’ve chosen Lyon to shelter the SMADEforce.A flourishing environment that is playing an instrumental role in the tech landscape, an international hubs where world renowned startups were born and where the latest state-of-the-art projects are emerging.

Want to join the SMADEship?

If you’ve caught our mindset, if you feel inspired by what you’ve read, if you’re convinced you have the SMADE Stuff, don’t wait a second more, join our squad!