Unlocking SMADE value
to transform your fleet management

Gain real-time visibility

Say goodbye to blind predictive work

Watch actionable real-time data

Navigate your fleet location on S-HUB map

See asset status and behavior with precision
and reliability

“Thanks to SMADE I could locate exactly where my assets was as the location in my system was incorrect”

Rob, Kit booker, S-HUB user at one of the Big Five

Precise Location Insights

The daily insights provide alerts and detailed information
about the status of your assets

Take informed actions

To create performance

Alerting features and dashboards to track assets that must not go off the radar

Monthly reports to overcome obstacles to your fleet performance and anticipate issues or requests

“Share” features to distribute asset details to reach out the right contact to inquire or inform at the right moment

“Our internal process (to check) is really heavyyyyy.
We had the alert with the analytics and that was so good for us”

Karl, S-HUB user at one of the Big Five

Maximizing benefits through collaboration

Alone we go faster, together we go further

Engage unlimited users to multiply the impact of your fleet navigation and monitoring

Assign a focused team to navigate specific fleet segments

“Notes” and “share” features to exchange in real-time about your fleet activity

“After going back and forth with the reps I shared details of ‘lost’ assets and they magically found them, they should both arrive today actually”

Jack, Kit booker, S-HUB user at one of the Big Five

Notes for a specific asset on S-HUB

Equip your team with
the best tools
for peak fleet performance

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Solution plans

Start your tracking experience


Navigate your fleet monitor asset location
and activity.


The WATCH plan’s power enriched with
insightful analytics and daily push alerts.


Get the most our of SMADE by combining the
power of ACT and WATCH plans, enchanced
with additional analytics and monthly reports.

In SMADE we trust

SMADE meets your expectations


With SMADE, you are in
good hands.
An unmatched autoclave cycles resistance combined to a long battery lifetime insures the safest experience.


In SMADE we trust.
Incorrect data threaten our industry and engage all stakeholder’s responsability. That’s why data integrity is not only our priority but a guarantee.


SMADE is your smooth operator.
Easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to integrate your ERP.
Just plug and ejoy the SMADEgic.


SMADE is a free spirit.
Communication of data captured to the cloud and transmitted to a central platform.

We turn our customer stories into success