The digital transformation of the Healthcare industry has spurred innovations. In Your Hands keeps a close eye on most relevant innovations in smart medical instrumentation and beyond, and highlights solutions that will shake the healthcare industry.

How did the pandemic trigger changes in healthcare and impact the medical devices market?

“May 2022 bring you and your beloved ones health and happiness” are not just idle talks this year. In fact, with almost 400 millions confirmed COVID…


How can digital technologies improve patient safety?

Patients should be better off when leaving the hospital. Despite this self-evident statement, some patients can get infected while staying in the…


How can IoT improve geolocation and asset tracking?

With the deployment of smartphones, geolocation has become indispensable to most of our daily tasks. Location-based applications help us navigate in…


Why ux design matters to medical device manufacturers?

For a long time, innovation in the medtech industry was a top-down process involving high level engineers and experts producing the best technology…


How the Big Four tech companies are leading healthcare innovations

Major tech companies have been luring the healthcare market for some years now by investing in startups, creating new ventures and collaborating with…


Why does augmented reality have so much potential in healthcare?

Augmented reality is no longer niche and has been used in many sectors outside of the exclusive world of gamers. From tourism to architecture, sport…


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