SMADE, a solution for cost optimization

With the healthcare digital transformation comes the proliferation of connected devices and software applications – also referred to as the Internet of “medical” things, generating each day a colossal amount of data. This data isn’t being collected just because it can be (for the sake of it)—it’s being collected because it can deeply help decision making and cost optimization.

Here is how SMADE ambitions to leverage the potential of field data.


When medical devices become smart

If you add a sensor to a traditional medical device such as a surgical instrument, it becomes a smart instrument. And that is when the magic happens. Not only can the asset be geolocalized, it can also collect data in full autonomy and connect to the internet without any human intervention. And that’s what SMADE promises.
No need to press a button, SMADE has designed smart solutions that collect data from the field autonomously and instantly.


Tiny tech, Big data

One of the most common terms associated with smart medical devices is big data. Why? Because, the adoption of smart medical devices has generated a volume of data on a scale that was unimaginable a decade ago. Today, it is reported that 30% of the world’s data volume comes from the healthcare industry.

In every kit, instrument and tray, SMADE introduces a location tracker, a content tracker and a lifecycle tracker. Those devices report location and count events such as the number of automatic cleaning cycles or autoclave cycles, how many times the asset has been used in surgery, the battery life status and so much more.
Data is then recorded in the device memory and transmitted to the cloud.


Big data, big benefits?

Now, let’s imagine the impact when you start leveraging this data to understand your asset’s full life cycle. From the moment it is manufactured, stored in your own facilities to the moment it reaches the hospital and is used during a surgical procedure.
SMADE has designed an advanced data analytics platform called S-HUB, to unleash the full potential of field data.
Providing the most accurate data ever from surgical instrumentation and kits in the field, SMADE allows all users to track instrument usage, determine tray location, content, locally or remotely, and access data from anywhere, at any time using a computer or a mobile phone.


With SMADE, predicting what’s happening on the field is not based on astrology or clients feedback and perception but is data-driven, from the field’s reality.

With SMADE, the sales and operation teams can collect real world data with accuracy and visualize key analytics on SMADE propriertary platform called S-HUB.

No more approximations in conducting inventory management, operations or maintenance processes. No more questions related to the number of times instruments and trays have been used, their precise location or if unexpected events such as drops and falls occurred.

With SMADE, the teams are able to set their own maintenance standards and be alerted when the optimal time has come to recall the asset, thus optimizing costs but also bettering the patient’s experience.

Greater on field visibility and access to data analytics improve the way teams work. They will know precisely which instruments are over-used or underutilized or if instruments are ready prior to surgery and make decisions accordingly.

SMADE also facilitates the way departments work together. Our smart solutions are able to deliver smart data that enables data-powered actions and decisions at every company’s department.
Through our S-HUB, our proprietary UX-centric and advanced data analytics platform, data is easily accessible from anywhere, at any time by those who need it.

S-HUB aggregates the tones of invisible data from the field in order to provide valuable and actionable insights to the field.


In short, SMADE helps the teams drive spending and cost reduction and focus on what they do the best by facilitating the decision making process.

Improving the way the healthcare industry works by making the future predictable. This is what makes me feel proud to work for SMADE. And, at the end of the day, work for improving patient care.