Your concern. Our response.

How can we ensure data integrity and stop relying exclusively on data collected by sales reps on the field?

Paul, Q&R

Paul's concerns

Sales reps are our eyes and ears on the field. They are the ones responsible for all the checks once instruments and trays leave the warehouse. This is a big concern, since it is not a task they like to undertake.

Under these circumstances, data integrity is a real challenge for us in Q&R: to what extent can we trust the compliance information that is collected by sales reps? It is impossible to be 100% confident about our instruments and trays utilization and safety status with the current process.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE lifecycle tracking functions, you will no longer have to rely on sales reps to collect all the information needed for maintenance and compliance. Key activity levels informed by cleaning and autoclave cycles, as well as unexpected drops, will be recorded and transmitted automatically to your system. You will know everything that happened to your instruments and trays in the past months, and be able to access these data reports anytime.

Drop counter

Shock detection

Autoclave counter

Cleaning counter

Clean count /period

Drop & impact tracker

Autoclave count /period

Drop & impact history

Automated data transfer

Ensure high data integrity for Q&r reports

Generate automatic reports at time of inspections

Ensure higher patient safety & compliance on the field