Your concern. Our response.

How can we ensure a more responsible use of trays and instruments by transportation companies and hospital stakeholders?

Patrick, Q&R

Patrick's concerns

Transportation companies and hospital stakeholders do not feel responsible for the equipment. Trays would fall in the trucks, and we would not be alerted. We also know that hospital stakeholders don’t respect some basic IFUs* (typically, how to execute actuations, or how to wash components);

by lack of time, or negligence. We would love to have these stakeholders feel more responsible for the equipment, but at the moment, it’s impossible, they just don’t care, since they are not accountable!

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE lifecycle tracker and geolocation functions, key unexpected events will be tracked and geolocated, anytime. Anyone will know they can be held accountable for any event that was recorded under their responsibility. Together, we can work on educating users for a better and safer use of instruments and trays outside of your warehouse.

Activity tracker

Drop counter

Shock detection

Location tracking

Clean count /period

Last location communicated

Autoclave count /period

Drop & impact tracker

Location history

Guarantee patient safety

Hold right stakeholders accountable

Educate all stakeholders for a safer use of equipment