Your concern. Our response.

Can we prevent logistics hurdles that result in missed sales opportunities?

Thomas, Sales representative

Thomas' concerns

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to close a deal because we do not have the trays ready on the field. There are multiple logistics hurdles: we might be unable to locate a tray, some instruments might have fallen and broken during transportation, etc.

We need a much more efficient logistics, but that is just impossible at the moment.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

All SMADE smart solutions are here to smoothen your logistics and optimize operations. Usage, geolocation and unexpected events will be monitored in full autonomy, with no human intervention needed. Tray content checks will be made easy and fast. No more logistic hurdles, no more missed sales opportunities!

Activity tracker

Actuation counter

Location tracking

Inventory cycle count

Clean count /period

Last location communicated

Autoclave count /period

Tray content check

Track trays on 
 their way to the 

Ensure fast check of tray readiness prior to surgery

Improve customer experience

Ensure tray readiness prior to surgery

No longer miss sales opportunities because of logistics hurdles