Your concern. Our response.

Can I save time on inventory check while ensuring tray readiness prior to surgery?

Allison, Sales representative

Allison's concerns

As a sales rep, I like to focus on what I do best: selling. I am losing so much time spotting the trays, making sure that they are sterilized, and that all the instruments are inside!

If I could know for sure that the trays are ready, I would have twice as much time to close deals! But at the moment, that’s impossible.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

SMADE location tracking features will allow you to spot the trays, the activity tracking capabilities will make sure content is sterilized, and the RFID reader will make it possible to check the full readiness of the tray without having to open it. Patient safety has just reached a higher level, and so has your revenue potential.

Activity tracker

Location tracking

Inventory cycle count

Clean count /period

Tray cycle count

Autoclave count /period

Save sales reps’ time

Order new kit in an instant if checked kit is not read

Guarantee patient safety

Ensure tray readiness prior to surgery

Avoid surgery delays & missed sales opportunities