Your concern. Our response.

Can I be released from the obligation to transmit information to OPS and Q&R departments?

Stephen, Sales representative

Stephen's concerns

As a sales rep, I am in charge of checking trays content at the hospital, and filling some reports for Q&R and Operations. I sometimes have more urgent matters to focus on such as closing a deal or ensuring client satisfaction.

I also don’t have eyes and ears everywhere, so it is just impossible for me to report everything that happens to an instrument or a tray when it’s on the field.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE lifecycle tracking functions, Operations and Q&R departments will no longer need to rely on sales reps input. With our smart IoMT solution, every event in the lifecycle of your trays is recorded and sent to our highly-secured platform, in full autonomy. With SMADE, you finally get the right to know what happens to your assets, anytime, without room for human bias or misinformation.

Activity tracker

Drop counter

Shock detection

Automated data transfer

Clean count /period

Drop & impact tracker

Autoclave count /period

Save sales 
 reps’ time

Secure higher data integrity for Ops and Q&R