Your concern. Our response.

How can we strengthen our recommendations to R&D?

Rachel, Marketing and R&D

Rachel's concerns

Our marketing department is lacking real world data to support our recommendations to R&D. Most of our roadmap prioritization recos are the result of direct client feedback, overheard during conversations or at trade shows.

This is relevant, but not data-driven enough. The ideal would be to rely on real usage data. This would enable us to pinpoint top performers for example, and hence think through the roadmap accordingly. But we are not collecting such data at the moment, so that’s impossible.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE activity and lifecycle trackers, you will know the usage levels of all trays and be able to build analytics to support your recommendations. Discussions with R&D will be easier since your speech will be backed by real usage data collected on the field.

Activity tracker

Autoclave counter

Cleaning counter

Clean count /period

Automated data transfer

Autoclave count /period

Support recommendations to R&D with real-world data

Refine product development roadmap