Your concern. Our response.

Can we further differentiate ourselves against competitors?

Phoebe, Marketing and R&D

Phoebe's concerns

We know we have great products, and our clients are satisfied overall.

However, the market competition is fierce, and we are always looking for ways to improve our products and differentiate ourselves.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE, your trays and instruments become smart, ensuring a higher patient safety and a more informed use of assets. Sales reps will be able to show surgeons that a tray is on its way live, and to show hospitals how much they used their assets in the past year. Together, we can work on a whole new customer experience for your clients.

Activity tracker

Drop counter

Shock detection

Location tracking

Inventory cycle count

Location history

Last location communicated

Clean count /period

Drop & impact tracker

Autoclave count /period

Guarantee higher patient safety

Anticipate demand & prevent logistic hurdles

Back up product claims with real-world data

Share usage and location data of equipment with surgeons & hospitals