Hello SMADE Users,

We’re excited to share another valuable SMADE Tip to help you optimize your fleet management.
Today, we’re focusing on the “Notes” feature—a powerful tool designed to enhance collaboration and keep your team informed of any actions taken upon alerts.🤩

Whether you’re managing a fleet, tracking valuable equipment, or overseeing multiple locations, this feature will help you stay informed and in control.

Why use the “Notes” feature 🧐?

  • Improved collaboration: Keep your team informed of actions taken and updates on each asset.
  • Real-time monitoring: Ensure everyone is aware of the latest status of your fleet.
  • Enhanced security: Improve your turn rate by making better use of dormant or stagnant assets and ensuring timely updates.

How to Use the “Notes Asset” feature 👩‍💻
Stay informed with real-time updates
Imagine you’re exploring your fleet on S-HUB and notice that you have 45 assets currently in hospital. A surgery request just came in, due four days from now, and you need to find a suitable asset. By checking the dormant scorecard, you can identify which of these assets are currently not in use.
Take action and collaborate with your team 💪
Upon finding a dormant asset, you decide it can be utilized for the upcoming surgery. Add a note to the asset, informing your team of the action you’ve taken:
“I’ve booked this asset for surgery in four days and I’m arranging for pickup today.”
This ensures everyone is aware of the status and location of the asset, improving communication and efficiency.
View team updates 🔔
Scroll down to see notes added by other team members. For instance, an asset with multiple notes might show updates such as:
“This asset is being picked up today by FedEx. Charlotte will keep us posted on this asset.”
These updates provide transparency and keep everyone in the loop.
Share updates directly on Asset Details View 👫
In the fleet section, you can add notes directly on an Asset Details View page. This is particularly useful if you’ve shared the asset’s location with a carrier. You can jot down messages like:
“Shared the location of this asset with the carrier. Will update once the asset is picked up.”
This keeps the team informed of each step and ensures seamless collaboration. The more you utilize the “Notes” feature, the more streamlined your operations will become, leading to impressive results.

Thank you for being a part of the SMADE community. Stay tuned for more tips to help you get the most out of S-HUB.