S-HUB,where data open the doors to the impossible.

S-HUB aggregates rich data resources, creates advanced analytics and translates them into actionable insights.

Track your assets, always!
Locate all your assets on a map.
Know which of your assets are in distribution centers, in hospitals, or traveling.
Identify those that are dormant or dangerously misplaced somewhere.

How does your fleet perform?
Monitor the number of hospital visits and loan cycle duration.
Keep track of in-field transfers and other specific trajectories.
Compute key performance indicators and track their evolution, week after week, month after month.

S-HUB allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your assets and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Specific and comprehensive
S-HUB gives you access to all the data you need, at every level of detail that is required to take action.

Accurate, meaningful and user-friendly
S-HUB delivers accurate data displayed and provides a seamless and effortless experience. Just try it and you will adopt it.

Custom experience
S-HUB is all about you! We will tailor the solution to your organization’s specific requirements upon request, providing custom dashboards that cater to the needs of each department.

Get the most out of our platform and keep your organization safe!

SMADE prioritizes security. Our proprietary trackers communicate securely with S-HUB using valid certificates and encryption standards. All communication is logged and traceable. S-HUB also offers role-based access control for managing access levels and permissions to your sensitive data.

S-HUB gives you the full picture of your fleet right when you land!
Get real-time fleet insights with our platform’s comprehensive asset list and tracker configuration details. S-HUB streamlines fleet management tasks for smooth tracking.

Activity journal
Stay informed with your activity journal that reports changes in location, autoclave cycles, and drops for your assets. Gain complete visibility to make informed decisions and optimize your asset management for maximum efficiency.

Asset view
S-HUB asset single view provides a comprehensive overview of your assets, including real-time asset location and trajectory, asset specifics, as well as information about any high-temperature events (washing and autoclaving). You can also access location and event logs for detailed information.

Analytics reports
SMADE analytics reports provide you with real-time insights to monitor the performance of your fleet and optimize your operations day after day, week after week, month after month. This level of detail empowers you with a deeper understanding of your fleet, allowing you to optimize your processes, streamline your operations, make more informed decisions and take actions that will help you maximize your efficiency and productivity.