We are excited to announce the upcoming releases, designed to enhance your asset tracking experience!
Ready, steady, go!

Prepare for your new Monthly Digest Newsletter and Report 🚀

Coming every third Monday of the month starting in February, your new monthly reports are crafted to provide a clear overview of your fleet performance, revealing detailed insights into the events and activities of your loan and consigned assets, both autoclavable and non autoclavable. This new format is aligned with the structure of analytics newsletters that you’re already familiar with.

We’re introducing a summary section highlighting key events from the past month. From hospital visits and deliveries to tracking high-temperature cycles, loan cycles, and more, we’ve got you covered.

This information empowers you to evaluate and enhance the performance of your fleet month by month. 😮‍💨

But wait there’s more!

Your assets’ non-operational days (cumulative count of days during which loan assets were dormant at hospital or loss-in-transit throughout the month) hold powerful insights.
Let this metric be your compass, directing you towards the actions to optimize your fleet performance! Stay informed, track the monthly evolution of your fleet, and optimize your actions to reduce this figure.

Expanded table item capacity 😉

Acknowledging the significance of rapid information retrieval, we’ve implemented measures to improve comfort, readability and efficiency. By increasing the number of items displayed per page to 200. Meaning, no more navigating through multiple pages! 🎉

This substantial improvement not only boosts usability but also empowers you to find what you need in a more efficient way.

Enhanced workspace access and filter functionality 😉

Designed to enhance your navigation experience within the platform, this new feature provides project managers with flexible access to either the entire organization or a specific workspace.

Additionally, we have created a new filtering functionality to complement the Switcher feature. It’s now easier than ever to pinpoint a workspace of interest, and even select multiple workspaces simultaneously. Simply navigate at the organizational level and apply a filter on the fleet side. 🚀

"My account" section: introducing direct access to FAQs 🧐

We’ve revamped your account page to effortlessly navigate your account page and seamlessly dive into the Q&A section without any hassle. 👏