Dear users,
We are thrilled to announce some exciting new features that have just been launched
on S-HUB!
These enhancements are designed to empower you further in managing your assets and optimizing your workflow. Let’s dive right in!

What’s new on your analytics dashboards 🎉

New filtering options 🗂️
We’ve introduced three new selectors to enhance your analytics filtering capabilities:

  • Workspace switching: Seamlessly switch between different workspaces to focus on specific aspects of your fleet management.
  • Scenario selection: Effortlessly toggle between different scenarios to focus on specific segmentation, enabling tailored analysis perspectives.
  • Date pointing: Now, pinpointing a specific date for reviewing analytics is effortless, allowing you to dive into the data for any chosen day with precision.

Enhanced table navigation 📊
Understanding the importance of efficient navigation within analytics tables, we’ve implemented features to enrich your experience:

  • Resizable table detail view: Expand, shrink, or close the detail view of analytics tables according to your preference.
  • Scorecard: For added convenience, the relevant scorecard remains displayed at the header.

What’s new on your Asset Details View 🤩

Enriched asset details view 🧭

To further refine your tracking experience, we’ve enriched the asset details view:

  • Complete address display: View the full address directly on the map, providing comprehensive location information at a glance.
  • Route calculation and planning: Access a direct link to Google Maps from the asset details view, enabling you to calculate routes and plan journeys with ease.

Unlocking SMADE value to transform your fleet management 🚀

👀 Gain real-time and unparalleled visibility into actionable real-time field data enabling you not only to see asset locations at any given moment but also to monitor their status and behavior with precision and reliability. Say goodbye to blind predictive work, SMADE is the only solution that gives you (back) your vision.

👫 Collaborate effortlessly Bring your team together on a collaborative platform to navigate and monitor your fleet data.
Engage with specific team members in real-time discussions about the activity of each asset, promoting seamless communication and swift responses to enhance fleet performance.

💪 Take informed action Act upon obstacles to your fleet performance, anticipate issues or requests, by reaching out to the right contact to inquire, as well as identifying and tracking assets that must not go off the radar.
Request the return of an asset, and swiftly identify an available and transferable asset to respond to urgent requests.

We believe that these new features will greatly enhance your experience on the S-HUB platform, providing you with additional tools to navigate your fleet more effectively, gain clearer visibility into its operations, make informed decisions, and collaborate effortlessly.
These upadates will multiply your impact on your fleet’s performance.