We’re excited to unveil the new generation of our platform, the first of many to come that will take tracking experience higher: say hello to S-HUB Lhotse! 🎉🎊 🎉🎊

As we embark on this exciting journey, our commitment to enhancing user experience remains steadfast.
S-HUB Lhotse empowers you with unprecedented visibility, collaboration, and informed action capabilities, all within a single platform. Managing your assets and addressing critical situations has never been more seamless.

What makes S-HUB Lhotse so SMADEgic?
The invisible powerhouse of S-HUB is a smart and robust engine that converts raw data into actionable insights. With S-HUB at work, the rest is effortlessly handled. You get all the tools to take the right actions at the right time, enhancing your operations, refining processes, and optimizing fleet performance.

Let’s dive into how S-HUB Lhoste is enhancing your tracking experience:

Alarming situations come to you
S-HUB Analytics Dashboards are designed to detect and highlight alarming situations regarding your assets. Whether it’s tracking last locations, monitoring assets lost in transit by your favorite carrier, duration of stagnation and inactivity, or departure and arrival dates, you’ll have real-time insights to act upon. With the introduction of analytics dashboards, we’re empowering you to take control of your fleet like never before.

Continuous monitoring for your fleet
With S-HUB, you can say goodbye to overlooking problematic situations. S-HUB provides tools for continuous monitoring of your fleet and alerts you to any issues that require your attention. It’s proactive management at its finest!

Comprehensive scorecards and tables
Get real-time information and alerts about the daily status of your assets through comprehensive scorecards and tables. Easily track their latest location, dormancy duration, arrival and departure dates from facilities, and identify alarming activity drops such as stagnant, lost-in-transit, or silent assets.

Direct access to asset details
Dive deeper into your asset details directly from the dashboard. Gain valuable insights and take informed actions to optimize your operations.

Collaborative features

Collaboration is key, which is why we’ve integrated features that allow users to leave comments for their team directly within the tables of the Analytics Dashboard. Enhance communication and streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Time is what we want most. Use it best with S-HUB Lhotse!
“Time is more valuable than money.” Managing assets through S-HUB not only streamlines operations but also offers remarkable time savings. Picture this:
With S-HUB Lhotse: an alert pops up, providing insight into Analytics Dashboards. With swift action, you efficiently address any issues and seamlessly communicate important details with colleagues by logging them in Notes—all accomplished within a few minutes.
Without S-HUB Lhotse: navigating asset positions drags on for an entire day.

With fleet visibility, action-taking capabilities, and collaborative tools, SMADE elevates asset management to another level, making efficiency the standard and freeing up invaluable time for users to focus on other critical tasks.

Words from SMADE lovers ❤️

This launch heralds the beginning of a new chapter in SMADE history, as we continue to elevate your tracking experience. Stay tuned as we unveil more enhancements designed to empower you and propel your success forward.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride on S-HUB Lhotse 🏔️