Your future is lookinghotter than ever!

Take your operations to the next level withSMADE Hot Tracking Solution.The game-changer, trendsetter, and pioneer in the field.

SMADE Analytics, your key to benefits!

SMADE empowers you to enhance your asset management experience through informed decision-making, leveraging insightful data collected from the field:

Get alerts to pick up assets
Spot stagnant, unproductive, vagabond assets, and act fast upon these. These small daily actions will result in increased fleet performance mid-term.

Check upon suboptimal trajectory patterns
Prevent bad behaviours by spotting unnecessary hospital visits, unplanned in-field transfers, and fugitive consigned assets.

Quantifying Fleet Performance
Keep track of your fleet KPIs evolutions over time through analytics history and monthly reports trend analysis.

Unlocking higher utilization potential
Identify actionable room for improvement with your Customer Success Manager and set yourselves achievable and measurable targets.

How does it work ?

S-HUB where data open the doors tothe invisible

S-HUB aggregates rich data resources, creates advanced analytics and translatesthem into actionable insights.

Precise Location Insights
Our solution is designed to provide you with pinpoint accurate location information, ensuring you always know the exact whereabouts of your assets. Say goodbye to uncertainty.

High-Temperature Cycle Detection
Experience unmatched visibility into your assets’ history with our innovative High-Temp Cycle detection. Bid farewell to guesswork and say hello to actionable data!

Thanks to SMADE Hot Trackers,anything's achievable.

Allowing the collection of insightful data transferred to S-HUB,SMADE hot trackers designed for autoclavable assets are:

🌡 Autoclavable
SMADE Hot Trackers are engineered to endure extreme temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions within the autoclave environment, up to 500 sterilization cycles.

💪 High-performing and long-term
SMADE Hot Trackers have been designed to ensure high performance in the metallic environment of a surgical kit and long-term reliability.

🚀 Totally Autonomous
No more manual data transmission, SMADE Trackers deliver data seamlessly, freeing you from the hassles of RFID.