Dear S-HUB users!

We are excited to introduce you to a key feature for tracking and optimizing the performance of your assets: Scorecards.
They provide a quick and concise visualization of essential information related to the behavior or status of your assets that should alert you.

What is a scorecard? 📊
A scorecard is a tool that allows you to visualize alerts on your dashboards in a clear and concise manner. Here is what each scorecard contains:

  • Serial Number: Essential for associating your data with an asset.
  • Last Location Date: A key column to track when your asset was last at a specific location.
  • Last Location: Crucial for monitoring your assets’ latest whereabouts.
  • Accuracy: Monitor the level of precision.
  • High Temp Cycle Count: Track the number of high-temperature cycles your assets have undergone.
  • Last High Temp Cycle Date: Associate dates for precise insights.
  • Reference: Add asset references for a comprehensive analysis.
  • Autoclavable: Useful for identifying asset types based on volume and diversity.
  • Logistical Status: Quickly identify loaned or consigned assets.
  • Product Range: Gain insights into product ranges associated with your data.
  • Procedure Type: Complement your analysis with procedure types.You can further enhance your display with:
  • Pairing Status
  • Organization
  • Workspace
  • WiFi/Cellular
  • Last Reception Date
  • Asset UDI
  • Assigned Subscription
  • Tracker UID

The possibilities are endless! Customize your settings as needed for your analysis or research purposes.
These column settings can be applied both in the Fleet View and the Asset Details View. Plus, your browser will remember these settings even after you’ve logged out, ensuring a smoother and more efficient navigation experience.

Pro Tip 🤩: Pairing a well-optimized column setup with filtering (check out our previous SMADE Tips) will refine your analysis, making your navigation experience even more intuitive and comfortable.

Ready to elevate your data journey?
Explore the endless combinations and unleash the full potential of
S-HUB Column Setting feature!