Your concern. Our response.

How can we secure a real-time and accurate monitoring of tray locations on the ERP?

Nicholas, Operations & logistics

Nicholas' concerns

Too often, sales reps are carrying trays to hospitals without informing the field inventory team. Under these circumstances, inventory teams are unable to keep the ERP up-to-date.

This results in many logistic hurdles when having to find lost or misplaced trays, to recall equipment, to bill a hospital for a surgery, or to prepare for next surgeries. A live and automated transmission of location to our ERP would be ideal, but that’s impossible right now.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE geolocation functions and ERP integration, the location of your trays will be automatically recorded and sent to your EPR, live. Information will be sent to your ERP in full autonomy, with no intervention needed from your sales reps or anyone else. Retrospectively, the location history functions will allow you to keep track of all past movements of your trays.

ERP integration

Location tracking

Automated data transfer

Live location

Last location communicated

Location history

Keep ERP up to date

Stop relying on sales reps to collect on-field data

Find lost and misplaced trays

Ensure smooth billing process

Ensure equipment is ready for next surgeries