Your concern. Our response.

How can we pick up trays whenever they are ready after surgeries?

James, Operations & logistics

James' concerns

Whenever we leave a tray at a hospital instead of picking it up right after surgery, we are taking a big and unnecessary risk. We are probably picking up trays 4 to 5 days after the tray is actually ready for pick-up. Sometimes, it is too late, and it is not ready for the next surgery.

We are also taking big risks as it is a timelapse during which trays can easily be lost or damaged since no one feels responsible for them. We would need someone to tell us as soon as the surgery is done, but no one can do that at the hospital, they are way too busy, that’s just impossible.

Impossible? Not with SMADE!

Our response

With SMADE activity tracking features, you can set up an alert to be informed whenever reprocessing occurs, indicating that surgery is done. In the longer-run, thanks to the past series analytics of our platform, you will be able to get an accurate prediction of this pick-up time and make sure you are prepared for it. With location tracking, you will spend no time looking for trays when you arrive. Pick-up has just become painless.

Activity tracker

Location tracking

Automated data transfer

Clean count/period

Last location communicated

Autoclave count/period

Improve asset turn rate

Avoid surgery delays

Avoid lost & damaged trays

Anticipate demand & allocate your fleet accordingly

Pick up tray when ready