John's concerns

At the moment, we have low visibility on where our assets are. When we need to find a specific instrument, it’s basically like finding a pin in a haystack. A few years ago, we had to recall an instrument urgently for patient safety reasons, and it took us more than a year to finally find it and execute the recall.

We were relying on the data uploaded by sales reps into our ERP, which was too often incomplete or incorrect… and it was just impossible to get the full picture.

Impossible? Not to SMADE!

Our answer

With SMADE location tracking features, you will know exactly where your trays are, at any given time. And with the inventory cycle count features, you will have full visibility at instrument-level. By combining these 2 assets, SMADE will make it possible to execute any recall, quickly and smoothly, at any time. For even greater patient safety, you will also be able to record and access the full history of your instruments and trays, and this will be done in full autonomy by SMADE, no human intervention needed.

Coming soon

“How can we ensure a safer utilization of instruments?”

“How can we ensure data integrity and rely less on data collected on the field by sales reps?”

“How can we simplify compliance to UDI requirements in the long-run?”

“How can we simplify data collection at time of regulatory inspections?”