Robin's concerns

I would say we are unable to locate about 10% of our fleet at any given time. The thing is, we are so afraid of missing a sales opportunity on the field, that we cover for inefficiencies with additional trays - about 30% of our fleet is here to cover for potential losses.

This is so much money that could be better spent. Not to mention the considerable amount of time that sales reps and others lose searching for these trays. Ideally, we would invest this time and money somewhere else, but at the moment, it is impossible.

Impossible? Not to SMADE!

Our answer

With SMADE location tracking features, you will be able to locate your trays at any given time, with no human intervention needed. With the RFID reader, you will even have the location information at instrument level. No more losses, no more need to cover for inefficiencies.

Coming soon

“Can we reduce fleet size at time of equipment renewal?”

“Can we prevent logistic hurdles that result in missed sales opportunities?”

“How can we estimate the value of dormant trays?”

“How can we estimate the value of lost trays?”