We are excited to announce the all-new format for Monthly Digests, designed to enhance your asset tracking experience and provide more relevant insights than ever before.

New structure: Improved reading and identification of loan and consigned assets

Monthly Digests are now divided into two distinct sections dedicated to assets loan and consigned, offering a smoother reading experience and optimal understanding of analytics.

Enhanced analytics: boosting asset efficiency and utilization

Stagnant Assets : Identify the efficiency of your assets with the integration of stagnant assets in Distribution Center, Hospital, Agency (or any destination/facility of departure), providing a more comprehensive view of your portfolio.

High Temperature Cycles: For Hot Tracking Solution users, Monthly Digests now highlight the number of High Temperature cycles, providing visibility into the activity or inactivity of an asset.

Non-Operational Days: Just a friendly reminder: Non-operational Days consist of stagnant assets in ‘customer’ and assets lost in transit. They shed light on your assets’ productivity with a focus on non-operational days. Stay informed, track the monthly evolution, and optimize your actions to reduce this figure.

Having visibility into High Temperature Cycles, spotting stagnant assets and identifying non-operational days underscore the tangible impact SMADE can have on optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency

Temporal Reminder

New users: The first Monthly Digest will be sent to you 3 months after the launch of your tracking experience, ensuring richer and more insightful data.

Monthly delivery: To maximize the relevance of collected data, Monthly Digests will now be sent every third Monday of the month.

Optimize your asset tracking with these new features. We look forward to accompanying you in this enhanced experience.