New - SMADE Hot Tracking Solution

Your future is looking hotterthan ever!

Take your operations to the next level with SMADE Hot Tracking Solution – the game-changer, trendsetter, and pioneer in the field.



We are longlife self-powered connected devices resistant to extreme environments.

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Our proprietary UX-centric and advanced data analytics platform called S-HUB processes field data into actionable insights.

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Your concern. Our answer.

Locate your assets any time on S-HUB.Receive smart and custom analytics about your fleet.Ask for all the information you need.Make informed decisions.Improve your turn rate.

Sales Operations Teams


Marketing and R&D Teams


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SMADE meets your expectations


With SMADE, you are in good hands.
An unmatched autoclave cycles resistance combined to a long battery lifetime insures the safest experience.


In SMADE we trust.
Incorrect data threaten our industry and engage all stakeholders’ responsibility.
That’s why data integrity is not only our priority but a guarantee.


SMADE is your smooth operator.
Easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to integrate your ERP.
Just plug and enjoy the SMADEgic.


SMADE is a free spirit.
Communication of data captured to the cloud and transmitted to a central platform.

Put SMADE in your hands

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