Business Developer

My mission is to explore different areas, starting as a business developer, to contribute to SMADE growth & success as best I can.

Passionate about MedTech, I want to contribute to advancements in healthcare. I am a people person with always lots of energy and creativity to give.

Favorite animal: Otter
Favorite place: London
Favorite music: Sultan of Swing – Dire Straits


Customer Success Manager

Delivering full potential of SMADE solutions: S-HUB platform and the Analytics to my customers.

Favorite animal: Squirrel
Favorite place: Tübingen – Germany
Favorite music: J’irai où tu iras – Céline Dion


Customer Success Manager

Ensuring users receive maximum value from SMADE.

Favorite animal: Sailfish
Favorite place: Porto – Portugal
Favorite music: Something about us – Daft punk


Business Development Lead

Developing and executing a consistent commercial strategy, starting with identifying key sales messages and engaging in strategic discussions to attract industry players to SMADE. After sales, I focus on assisting clients in maximizing the value they take out of our solutions through customer success and support, as well as collaborating with product teams to address clients’ needs and enhance our offerings.

 Favorite animal: Colibri
 Favorite place: Tel-Aviv
 Favorite music: If i ain’t got you – Alicia Keys



I lead and oversee the strategic direction and overall management of the company.

Favorite animal: Capuchin
Favorite place: New York
Favorite music: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen