Welcome to yourpilot journey

You now have 3 trackers in your hands to take your first steps in experiencing the power of SMADE!

Why chose SMADE Cold Location Tracking solution?

With Cold Location Tracking Solution keep a constant eye on your non autoclavable assets, wherever they are, wherever they go.

Elevate your tracking game with SMADE Hot Location Tracking Solution.

Autoclavable and resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, and pressure, SMADE Hot Location Trackers allow for location detection al the way to activity tracking.

2 sizes of Hot Location Trackers for your perfect fit!

SMADE Hot Location Trackers have you covered. Hot Location Tracker Mini is easy to fit, while Hot Location Tracker Plus offers a longer lifetime and additional lifecycle features that go above and beyond.

Pilot gives you access to...


Your assets on a map, continuously updated.

Full analytics

Straight-to-the point and visual analytics reports (daily, weekly, monthly).

Powerful strategies

Custom strategic recommendations to optimize your inventory management, based on your field data.

Take your pick!

Enjoy a 6-month pilot + 1 month offered with the support of a dedicated team of experts to get the most of your smart tracking experience.

Get started

  • 20 Cold Location trackers
  • 50 Location trackers


  • 20 Cold Location trackers
  • 100 Location trackers

Take Off

  • 20 Cold Location trackers
  • 100 Location trackers
  • 100 Location trackers mini

Meet SMADE Smart Trackers

Cold Location Tracker

Out of sight, but not out of mind, with SMADE Cold Location Tracker, keep track of your non autoclavable assets’ at all times.

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Hot Location Tracker

With a 5-year battery life, SMADE Hot Location Tracker Plus cover a range of functions from location detection to activity tracking, to effortlessly monitor your assets’ whereabouts and value.

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Hot Location Tracker Mini

Small but mighty, SMADE Hot Location Tracker Mini with a lifespan of 2 years will always find the perfect fit, regardless of your design constraints.

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Track your inventory!

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  • Locate your assets and manage your fleet on S-HUB
  • Receive analytics reports
  • Receive strategic recommendations for inventory optimization
  • Track your team’s utilization of SMADE
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