• What is SMADE?

    SMADE is an IoT* technology that offers a range of smart asset tracking solutions for OEMs. SMADE solutions allow OEMs to track key metrics on their surgical trays and instruments, such as the number of autoclave cycles or geolocation, without the need for any human intervention.
    SMADE solutions allow for smoother operations, optimized inventory management, data-driven marketing recommendations, higher Q&R compliance, and overall higher patient safety.

    *Internet of Things – the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

  • How does SMADE asset tracking solutions work?

    SMADE trackers are installed into your assets (totes, trays, sterilization containers, instruments, etc.). There, they collect a wide range of data points (location, washing, autoclaving, drops, etc.), and send it to S-HUB, SMADE proprietary analytics platform, autonomously.
    Finally, S-HUB translates your field data into visual analytics, to empower your decision making and optimize your inventory management.

  • What is S-HUB?

    S-HUB is SMADE proprietary digital platform that receives, analyzes, and reports the field data collected by SMADE trackers. Depending on their SMADE subscription, S-HUB users can log into their S-HUB account to locate their assets on a map, to have a daily update of what happened to their connected assets in the past 24 hours, or to access exhaustive analytics reporting that help them make data-driven decisions.

  • What does “proprietary” mean?

    Both SMADE hardware (the trackers) and software (S-HUB) are proprietary. All our technologies have been developed at SMADE, and we own everything down the process. This means we can adapt to specific user needs, and work on enhancing the performance of our devices or custom our platform as needed.

  • Where is SMADE located?

    SMADE HQ is located in Lyon, France.

  • Are SMADE solutions available in all markets?

    SMADE solutions are compatible with most markets where OEMs operate. They work in all North-American and European markets, and several other markets around the globe. Specific requests should be looked upon.

  • Who can you reach out to for more information?

    Please tell us who you are and how we can help you here! We will be in touch with you shortly.

  • What is the battery life expectancy of SMADE trackers?

    All trackers have a battery life of 3 to 5 years, in the standard use case considered.
    Variations will depend on how active trackers are during this time period (e.g., number of autoclaving they are going through, number of drops, etc.). Battery life expectancy may also vary with usage: the less frequent the updates, the longer will be the battery life.
    As long as a customer pays for SMADE subscriptions, SMADE will replace trackers whenever the battery runs out.

  • Can SMADE trackers collect data everywhere?

    SMADE trackers can collect data in all targeted markets (North-American and European countries namely).
    SMADE provides a high level of connectivity within targeted markets, which means that data will be transmitted to S-HUB in full autonomy in most locations.
    In case of poor connectivity in a given location, SMADE trackers still collect data and keep it in a backup memory, so all events can be retrieved when connectivity is back.
    SMADE trackers are designed and optimized to function in harsh environments but external factors such as the local configuration and operator coverage robustness can affect their connectivity to the network hence their battery life.

  • What is the difference between the three SMADE location trackers?

    All our location trackers provide the same set of features, including a 50-meter specific location information for your assets. Here are the differences between LC01, LC02, and LC03:

    LC01 is a cold location tracker. It is meant to track location of any asset that does not go into sterilization or is already sterilized, such as implants for instance. It is the only SMADE tracker that is not meant to go through a full cleaning process, and can only be used with already sterilized assets, or any asset that does not go into autoclaving (e.g., sterile implants, demo material, capital equipment).

    LC02 is a location tracker, small size. It is the smallest and lightest SMADE tracker for autoclavable assets that has been designed. The battery life expectancy is up to 3 years with daily updates.

    LC03 is a location tracker, normal size. It is the normal-sized location tracker for autoclavable assets. The battery life expectancy is up to 5 years with daily updates.

  • Can SMADE technology be embedded in an OEM instrument or asset?

    Yes! SMADE has created “SMADE inside”, an agile and collaborative process that elevates your assets to smart devices by embedding SMADE advanced tech in any existing trays and/or instruments.
    SMADE would need to work closely with the OEM product development team to jointly design an insert and the associated electronic layout. Design would need to take into account the battery placement, the sensor(s) position(s) and the wireless communication antennas. SMADE would also provide guidelines from its expertise on sealing to ensure the electronic board is perfectly safe.